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OH-58D Sunset Iraq

Thanks to everyone who have provided comments and suggestions either on the blog or our class discussion.  Based on those suggestions, I have:

  • Moved the portal link to the footer
  • placed the slideshow in the home page and made it larger.
  • I moved the link to to the footer (this was one of the more challenging aspects of the update).
  • Consolidated pages — I deleted the contact page and just put the contact form on the homepage.  I removed the about me blog post and added the text the “about me” page.
  • Added some additional photos to the gallery

I hope everyone is getting more proficient at making the changes.  I am still doing my changes the brute force method, but I am getting more familiar.  I think my next change will be trying to experiment with different themes.



3 thoughts on “Site Changes

  1. Hi Adam! The revisions look great. Moving the slideshow and the BU link alone made such a difference to the homepage! Nice job!


  2. Awesome! It is always wonderful when people are helpful with feedback. Nice work.
    -Jessica Arvin


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